RAY-LA:Voice/White     choro:Guitar/Green     TAKETO:Guitar/Orange     ROGER:Bass/Pink     TESTU:Drums/Blue

What's 【PLASUTA】,Our official name is “PLATINUM STAR”. PLASUTA is coined word and informal name of “PLATINUM STAR.”
The vanguard rock band which established now of Rock singer RAY-LA. The nova band of the incarnation that succeeded the soul of language of “BAKUBENI.”This is a proof of the intention to continue being the strongest and shining star (PLATINUM STAR). In addition, white is trade color of RAY-RA. She also continues evolving. PLATINUM STAR shows two meanings.
Our group consists of 5 members, Vocal,Guitar,Guitar,Base,and Drum. The name logo has five stars ★★★★★. It means “shining with members." Moreover, the stars express the proof of the bond as musician.

Our Song. Bloody Rocki'n Explosion!  Our Sound.Bloody Rocki'n Explosion!  Our Style.Bloody Rocki'n Explosion!  Our Face.Bloody Rocki'n Explosion!
We are PLASUTA★★★★★

Singer RAYLA, her entertainment is very pop, and that is called “IKIZAMA ROCK” in Japan.
We achieved a shocking debut from dissolution of vanguard BAKUBENI in outdoor lock festival “SPRING SCREAM” largest in Taiwan in April, 2015 after approximately two years.
I evolve a lock show having the strongest legendary trace to the thing which is entertainment more. Nova ★“PLASUTA” birth of the expectation desire! Overseas activity is a main shaft. Main fields are Asia and America.We're going to develop our band into the stage of world wide.